Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Studio Killers 404 -kickstarter.

When does the pre-order / survey end?

We are aiming to close the pre-order / survey end of April, so you have time until then to confirm all the details! Specific date TBD. You’ll find the survey at:

When will the art print image be available?

Unfortunately we currently have only one artist working on all of the products. Her time is mostly taken up by the production of the pilot, therefore we can’t promise we’ll be able to show you new images before April. However the art is going to be thematically related to the series Studio Killers 404!

Can I change my shipping address after completing the survey?

Your shipping address and the order can be changed any time up until the survey is closed end of April. Please make sure you close the survey every time you make a change so that it is registered. Even if you don’t actually change anything, you must close the survey any time you open it.

Can I write my preferred name for the credits?

Thanks to your questions, we have now added the option to write your preferred name where relevant!